Saturday Napping

Family nap

Sleeping Beauty


Meet the Furry Family

You will be seeing these guys a lot.

From left:

Petunia Grace, the newest member of the family and only cat. She picked me out during an adoption event at Petco. Evidently she knows a sucker when she sees one. See picture below – that laser “pick me” focus says it all. She’s been with us just about a month now and has enjoyed exploring every inch and surface of her new home and tormenting the dogs.

Phoenix Louise von Dogster the first. My first dog and a shelter rescue from New Mexico after leaving college and yes, that name does fit on her dog tag. She enjoys running, walks, playing ball, playing ball, and playing ball. If she were a human, I’m pretty sure she’d be an Olympic athlete.

Franklin Benson Ellis Whitobee Furter. AKA Frank Furter the weiner dog, Furter for short. Furter is spoiled, pampered and quite crotchety when he doesn’t get his way. He enjoys tuna, pesto, napping on pillows, and belly rubs. He does not enjoy Petunia Grace.